Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Target Themed Cupcakes

For these Cupcakes, I used German Chocolate cake mix, iced it with Cream cheese frosting and filled with Butterscotch Ganache. Butterscotch is one of the amazing flavors out there and these Cupcakes tasted awesome with it. Coming to my theme, I selected a Target theme so i did a red and white decoration. For the Target symbol I used a red round gummy for inside circle and red Cream Cheese frosting for outer circle. For the flower design, I used Tip#50 degree to layer flower and made a swirl circle in the center with Tip#3.  Make sure your room temperature is not warm and refrigerate right after decorating each cupcake to hold its shape, as Cream Cheese frosting melts so quickly. And the third is a diamond shaped star design. Here's a small Tutorial for it.

Put a dot and pull the dot outwards on four sides with a toothpick to make a diamond. And there you go, you have the shape. Put the dots horizontally/vertically as required and repeat the process. 

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